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Shotgun Pinata

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 5, 2015, 9:43 AM

Sp Banner by MojoBrown

Just Mii by MojoBrown

4-19-15: Bonus EP coming Next Month! Sneak Peek FREE Stream up Now, FREE Download coming Next Month!

In The Night Time Front Cover by MojoBrown…


4-10-15: One day early... Grab it now, download for 5 dope tracks currently unavailable elsewhere! Free!…

MMXV cover by MojoBrown


4-6-15: New Video up. Check it.

Disco ghosts are everywhere, and they are channeling Stevie...

Pimp Rollin through Vegas and Big New York... the 1960s...vintage sights with a retro sound.

PURE Uncut Funk... with a side of jazz and a sprinkling of disco.... bit of soul for dessert. Because the old school is the only school, and that's what's up.

From my forthcoming, Commercialism, droppin April 11th. This is the video edit length...the real jawn runs 2 minutes longer.

This cut is one of five hidden tracks... all of which will only be obtainable by Download... No Streaming... why make a single hidden? Sometimes even I don't know how or why I do how I do.

Video footage from Home Movie PA 098585
Public Domain


4-5-15: Commercialism is Coming Next Saturday. So The Album is a little over 2 hours long, and contains the entire
Gröövy Grõõves album PLUS a Full Second album's worth of Brand New Material.  Five of the 11 new tracks will only be available by downloading the album. I used all the preferred versions of the tracks and sequenced them in the order I most prefer to listen to them in.  It is a representation of ALL of my original work in the year 2015. You'll be able to Grab It Here for FREE!…

MMXV cover by MojoBrown



MojoBrown has started a donation pool!
1,063 / 4,000
Please help my Point Donation Drive!

I am now starting from scratch, as I have none of the points in my counter left.

Looking to gain points to commission artists on dA!

If you wish... Help out if you can, but don't take it personally if you can't... because I won't, at any rate ..if you can, anything you can donate is greatly appreciated. Much Thanks to all the kind folk who have made their generous donations. :)


I do donate points from time to time, but my main focus of this drive is to acquire points to commission artists.

"Artists to my mind are the real architects of change, and not the political legislators who implement change after the fact."

"In the U.S. you have to be a deviant or exist in extreme boredom...Make no mistake all intellectuals are deviants in the U.S."

- William S Burroughs

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Shotgun Pinata

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 5, 2015, 9:43 AM

Sp Banner by MojoBrown

Just Mii by MojoBrown

4-19-15: Bonus EP coming Next Month! Sneak Peek FREE Stream up Now, FREE Download coming Next Month!

In The Night Time Front Cover by MojoBrown…


4-10-15: One day early... Grab it now, download for 5 dope tracks currently unavailable elsewhere! Free!…

MMXV cover by MojoBrown


4-6-15: New Video up. Check it.

Disco ghosts are everywhere, and they are channeling Stevie...

Pimp Rollin through Vegas and Big New York... the 1960s...vintage sights with a retro sound.

PURE Uncut Funk... with a side of jazz and a sprinkling of disco.... bit of soul for dessert. Because the old school is the only school, and that's what's up.

From my forthcoming, Commercialism, droppin April 11th. This is the video edit length...the real jawn runs 2 minutes longer.

This cut is one of five hidden tracks... all of which will only be obtainable by Download... No Streaming... why make a single hidden? Sometimes even I don't know how or why I do how I do.

Video footage from Home Movie PA 098585
Public Domain


4-5-15: Commercialism is Coming Next Saturday. So The Album is a little over 2 hours long, and contains the entire
Gröövy Grõõves album PLUS a Full Second album's worth of Brand New Material.  Five of the 11 new tracks will only be available by downloading the album. I used all the preferred versions of the tracks and sequenced them in the order I most prefer to listen to them in.  It is a representation of ALL of my original work in the year 2015. You'll be able to Grab It Here for FREE!…

MMXV cover by MojoBrown


Sp Banner by MojoBrown

Just Mii by MojoBrown

THE NAME OF MY BAND IS Shötgun Piñata NOT Shotgun Pinata...

 4-2-15: So the album is finally finished, and I am done messing with it. It'll be out next Saturday, the 11th. In preparation, I did another brand new mixtape. This one combines some classic SP, with some brand new tracks from the forthcoming album. The emphasis is on my funkiest tracks. Check it out here:…

3-31-15: So the new album drops in less than 2 weeks and I am still tweaking the exclusive tracks... typical me. Released a mixtape which offers a preview of the whole album... which can be grabbed for free here… ...Although I've changed two of the tracks of them twice. Working to get this perfect to my ears... It will be ready by the 11th... I feel like it just might be done now. Just going to mix the whole thing down, and that should be that. Be ready!

3-28-15: In 2 weeks my new album/compilation will drop. "Commercialism (MMXV) " will supersede my earlier releases this year.
It collects ALL original material from the EPS & singles preceding Groovy Grooves, and adds another album's worth of brand new material. Feedback from the early release was favorable, and in the duration I have added 3 new bonus tracks. 4 months of work, and I could not be happier with the results! Be ready on the 11th, or if you're clever you might find a way to get a hold of a copy today... As usual, be it now or later, the download will be free. Grab it then(or now) Here:…

3-24-15: Okay, so I turned the streaming off for MMXV, save for the single Purple Beach.… The entire thing can still be downloaded for the time being.… Of course as always, it's free.… The official release will be sometime next month, and the streaming for the entire album will be back to normal.… Not going to stop the early downloads just yet... so grab your copy soon, if you want an early sneak peek!… Get Your FREE copy now!!!!!!…

3-23-15: Surprise! Doing a Limited time quiet early release of my new compilation, featuring Brand New music!…; Grab your copy free at the link! This will be active about 24 hours, then the link will be closed until early next month. So grab it while you can early!!!!!…

Spring 7 inch front cover by MojoBrown

3-17-15: Dropped my new single a week or so early(as is my nature...) Three Brand new tracks! Grab it here! Free:… Also added all three tracks, as well as the three from my last single to Groovy Grooves, which was my album I put out at the start of the year. Grab the whole huge dealio here(again for free)… If you missed it before, be sure to get it now, while it is packed full of goodies!. Free Free Free!

3-15-15: Update. Scrapping the cover album for now. The tracks are more raw than I'd like... was going to release them "as is" but I'm not feeling it. I'd rather put my energy into the all vocal album of originals. Essentially, I'll be going back to some of my  tracks I feel would benefit from vocals on them... also possibly doing some updated vocals on some of my tracks which already feature singing. Not sure exactly when this will come out, but it Will come out. It could be fast... or it might be closer to the end of the year. As the music itself is already written, it's down to coming up with lyrics and laying them down. I've some ideas, but far from completing any songs. Going to take my time with this, if it comes to pass that it does not come out until next year, so be it. If it drops by the end of Summer, then Hooray for me!

Next Month...the first or second week I'll be releasing another single, "Spring" It's gonna have 2 tracks, one brand new never released cut called "Tea & Biscuits" ... the second is an expanded version on my parts from "Don't Blink" (Which will neither include my vocals, nor any of Portable D's original music.) It's longer, slower, has an extra part...and I'm calling it "Blink" (see what I did there?) As usual it will be free. From there I'll be working on the fore mentioned vocals album...not thought of a name for that one yet....but first things first. I'll keep you posted on all things mentioned.

3-10-15: Added my Bloc Party cover, "Banquet" and my cover of NIN's "Down in it to the "Don't Blink" single. Grab it for FREE here:…

3-9-15:… Check out my New collab with Project Burnout, "Dont Blink" Free Download!

2-27-15: Things To Come! (later this year...) Come Springish I plan to drop my second covers collection. Somewhere in the Summer I'll be releasing a new album of all vocalized tracks. I'm going to be using stuff from my catalogue. Some of my instrumentals I listen to now... after the fact and wish I had sung on them. That's what this album will be about... making that right. Lastly, towards the years end I plan on putting out my second compilation. What a charting band might call its greatest hits. For me it will be more of an artists favorites. A restrospect of
Shötgun Piñata. Check out my new album here:… Grab it now for free free free!

2-10-15: Final Update for Groovy Grooves. Added two additonal tracks, plus short intro and outro pieces to frame the album. Tweaked the song order a bit, and updated the liners. Grab the definitive update now!… Did I mention it's free? Stream for the 18 track version or download for the full 29 track edition. Either way it's free! Grab one today, and share the love with a friend or two.

Groovy Grooves.... by MojoBrown

2-8-15: So for my birthday I'm giving you a gift. A new SP video, featuring 4 tracks from my new album, Groovy Grooves.

For those who haven't downloaded it... The album can be found here… and downloaded for FREE!

2-2-15: One last Brand New Track added to Groovy Grooves. I was going to save this one for a later release, but I changed my plans up. It's pretty dope, and here it is.… As usual, it can be had at the previous link for free!(As Well as the rest of the album) It can also be streamed, but you'll miss out on the bonus tracks only available with the download!

2-1-15:… Now cashing in at a little over an hour! My New Album, "Groovy Grooves, Mostly Mellow Tunes..." in a deluxe and expanded version. It Adds 5 classic reworked tracks from my '13-'14 album, "Less Than Nothing" along with an expanded remix of "She's Filled With Secrets..." Grab it Today for FREE, or stream it for your friends and family!

1-23-15: So the new album is out, and I wanna make a few comments on it. I pulled some tracks from the last 2 E.P.s and combined them with some newer stuff stuff. All the music on this was made while I was in the same frame of mind, so the overall feel of it, kind of just goes together. The tracks? ...well for the most part as the album's name implies, are on the more mellow side. The few upbeat tracks are still pretty chill. Simple was the key to the songs, and even the busier cuts have a non complex sound. It is comprised of all instrumental originals which were all written in 2015. 3 short sessions one in each week thus far in January. My musical output in the winter months is usually light to non existent, but I was moved...and it's foolish not to go out and play when the music calls. I feel done now, and quite satisfied with the results. "Groovy Grooves, Mostly Mellow Tunes..." is just under forty minutes, and is 13 songs strong. Somewhat short by my normal standards, but this isn't a normal Shötgun Piñata. There's less variety in sound here, yet it still jumps around a bit. The more I listen to this, the happier I am with it. ...and why not, it's basically a happy album. I'd love to know what You think though. As always it's where all my music can be gotten. Further still, like all the other music there it's available for free. Download your copy, and share it with a friend. You can also stream the album free, play it for the house to enjoy. The fun starts here:…

1-21-15: The New
Shötgun Piñata album has dropped! Grab it Here --->… FREE Download, Free Streaming. 13 New Originals all from 2015.

1-18-15:… Now With Bonus Tracks!

1-11-15:… 7 Brand New Original Tracks for 2015! Grab your copy now. Free Streaming or Free Download.…

1-7-15: New Music for a New Year!… 1 Brand New Original, 2 covers, and 2 New Remixes. I've another E.P. featuring Brand New Tracks coming Next Month!…

11-9-14: In my time off from working on my short story collection I have began polishing up a bunch of the covers I did not release in my last recording session. It's a mixed bag, and I'm not sure when the stuff will come out, or how I will go about releasing it just yet. It's coming though...

8-8-14: Be on the lookout for new music coming...


Taking a sabbatical from any new original music for focus on finishing my short story collection. I will be dropping some covers here and there to fill some gaps. This linked item is a collection of the three albums I released last year, in their deluxe versions. If you missed out...grab it all in one meal.... free to download or stream.

3-20-14: New Music has Dropped, get your free copy here!…

3-8-14: (1) So newest news first,
in honor of National Women's Day, here is a short release, that contains covers in which females feature in the front person's role. I was gonna wait to release these cuts down the road...but fuck's relative for the day.… Grab it, stream it, download it, share it, and play it loud!  (2) AND In case you missed it....
Shötgun Piñata EP "Music Your parents Dug When They Were Hip!" is now out in it's entirety! Added 3 new tracks… ,… , and… for those who have been waiting on the full release grab it here:… !!!! As Per Usual, you can download it or stream it for FREE! Enjoy!!

3-2-14: Another track from the new EP… Grab it or stream it for free!

2-18-14: Obviously I wasn't planning to release this until Later on... I decided to do it today after hearing of the passing of Robert Casale aka Bob 2, guitarist and keyboardist(as well as founding member) of Devo. So this goes out to well as Alan Myers, the drummer of their classic era, who passed last summer.…

2-17-14:… Another early release joint from the new EP(got a feeling this'll end up being an LP before it is all said and done) Another Cure cover...Why?...why the Fuck not?!!.... Free to stream or download.... Dominic Francisco of Fantastic Planet Industries will love this one...because he just digs it, when I get creepy.....

2-9-14: I released one track from my forthcoming EP yesterday in honor of my birthday. The EP is entirely covers of tracks that were released in the 80s or close to....(one track actually was released early 90, and another late 79...but oh well.) The track I gave a preview of is Policy of Truth by Depeche Mode.… Check it out for free download and streaming. The rest of the EP will be out sometime next month!

1-14-14: LESS THAN NOTHING is Now Available as a DELUXE EDITION!… FREE TO DOWNLOAD(Only WQay to Get The Bonus Content) and FREE to Stream!

1-3-14: Grab The Less Than Nothing - The Album, grab the free download for 6 extra bonus tracks.… Contains the entire Less Than Nothing EP as well!

1-1-14: Now the Entire Less Than Nothing EP is up for FREE download, stay tuned for the Less Than Nothing Album...coming soon!!!…

ALSO Available! My Split With Dominic H Francisco, "Late Night"… THE FPI Page has loads of SP music not released elsewhere, plus a lot of other great music, so Check It Out!


Because it's the Holidays... one more preview. This time an original, the title track from my next album, Less Than Nothing. My heaviest song to date.…

Less Than Nothing Single cover by MojoBrown

12-21-13:… a sneak preview...of a sneak preview.... I just blew my OWN mind...


Worst Successes collage f and b covers by MojoBrown

It Is Out, and just in time for Xmas... and unlike the other stuff on your wish List...this is FREE!… This... is a remix album, all the tracks being remixed came from the Best Mistakes sessions. You won't hear any new tracks here, but you will be treated to tracks from my last session with a new flavor. Be on the look out for my upcoming split, "Late Night" with Dominic H. Francisco, as well as my forthcoming album, Less Than Nothing! GRAB THE FREE download for 7 Bonus Tracks!
12-9-13: Added 2 new bonus tracks to my forthcoming album, Less Than Nothing. Both are reworkings of older songs, one from Sum of it's parts era, and one actually going back to when I recorded as MMF. The later of the 2 tracks is "Dat Crunchy in Milk Groove" the original version appears here:… and it was originally released on the Mister Mother Fucker album, 7734. The Current Version is called "Crunchy Groove". The newer of the 2 is Run,…  which was the vocal mix of a track called Running for the Sun, the updated version is called "Until it Passes By..." So that puts the project at about 20 tracks I think, and running at over an hour! Once again, I am thinking of a March release for this. Also as mentioned before this will contain all the tracks from both planned EPs that were meant to drop early next year, plus a few tracks which would of been part of a third EP, not to mention slightly different mixes of all the content from my forthcoming split with Dominic Francisco!


So.... as for the upcoming album, this thing is done save for a little twisting and tweaking....gonna give it a stereo boost, and Dominic Francisco is working on a cover for it... my remix album is gonna drop this Sunday I think, and in a few weeks the split with Dominic is coming out...right around Xmas.... I'm saving the forthcoming album for Marchish.... 17 tracks plus a bonus collab with Dominic...playing his music over some of my spoken word. 3 covers and the rest Originals....5 of those originals have full vocals, as do two of the three covers... most of the rest of the tracks have backing melody like I said....a vocal heavy album. Speaking of heavy, The Lead track on this heavy as fuck, the heaviest track I have done to date. It also contains the poppiest track I have done to date as well. I really mixed it up this time. I included some tracks form the split with Dom, which were reworked just for this album, as well as the cover of Natural One from Fantastic Planet Industries third mix tape....also reworked solely for this album. It is my send off to the last recording session I did in what I call the Best Mistakes Sessions. I'm pretty proud of it, so I hope everyone digs it as much or more than me.

PS: I just saw the cover design Dominic came up with and it Is Awesome!


Sometimes things just don't go as we planned. When we are lucky something greater comes from this scenario. I had something like that happen last night. A track I had been working on for a third 2014 EP finally gelled after adding some vocals to it. I changed my way of thinking, and my plans for future releases. The Split with Dom is still on, as is my remix album... but cancel any mention of the EPs I had set to release prior to any new album. They'll be coming out... but instead I'll be putting out another album sometime in the first quarter of next year. The tracks are mostly done and I am happy with them, and I was willing to sit on them and release them as stated... I almost backed off of this once, due to another tracks...seemingly innocent which I also added vocals to. Based on the strength of these two songs, I am going to change things up... so look for a new album full of new songs By March, early April at the absolute latest. The only thing stopping me from sooner is that I've just put out a new album, and I want to give it time to sink in. The stuff on this new one is not as quaint...

I KNEW I'd never stick to the gameplan I mentioned about a week or so ago, lol.


I added place holders on the SP bandcamp page for the next two solo releases. I'll update them likely more than once prior to their separate releases....

Keep in mind these will be released sometime next year and not until AFTER the Split E.P. "Late Night" which will also feature music by Dominic H Francisco!


so I started work on a NEW E.P. my mind it will be 5 tracks long...2 new originals, one fuller vocal mix of a track from my upcoming split with Dominic Francisco, a remix of a track from Best Mistakes, and a Doors cover. Should clock in around a half hour....not sure when this will drop. The Split EP will be released around Xmas.... my remix album will be out sometime in the Spring of next year.... this new E.P. tentatively title The Lesser Things, will come out sometime after that. Summer will bring several more releases like this... E.P.s with 4 to 6 tracks...a mix of new originals and covers...with an occasional remix thrown in....about one year from now I plan on dropping my covers project, callin this lets see how close I stick to this plan.

11-2-13:… Droppin this a few days early.... 30 tracks...Over 2 hours of music... FREE, to stream or download..... click the link to navigate to the page and grab the full download, download also includes a pdf booklet! Get it NOW! Also I don't know HOW I forgot this but.....
here it is... The new Fantastic Planet Industries mixtape!… this came out a few days before my album and I completely forgot to link it it for an exclusive track from me, currently not found anywhere else.

Down in the Park EP covers... by MojoBrown… A little something-something before the mixtape and album drops in the next week or so... contains 3 tracks which will NOT be on Some of my Best Mistakes.... as always it's free to download and stream... check out 3 interesting covers and a sneak peek at the lead track from my forthcoming album...grab it before the album drops!

10-21-13: With Halloween just over a week away...I'm releasing the Halloween track from "Some of my Best Mistakes", Thirty-one & 13. Check it here:… Play It Loud!

10-13-13: Dominic H. Francisco of Fantastic Planet Industries(The Label I record for) shot this promo for an upcoming

Shötgun Piñata track... the song is Down in the Park, which is a cover written and originally performed by the Great Gary Numan(a big influence to my music) This is the final mix of this song and it will be featured on a split EP that I will be doing with Dominic. The EP itself is not set to drop until around Xmas/New this is a seriously early sneak peek at my definitive mix of one of my all time favorite songs play it loud...!!!...


The new album drops in a month, and I think I am done messing with the tracks, all the content for the split with Dominic Francisco is now in the can and done, still working on the tracks for my follow up remix EP... doing some fine tuning... the tracks are all about 95% complete. Putting the Gary Numan cover project on the back burner to some degree... all the tracks will be released, but in a different form... I have another cover in project in mind, and some of that will be included there...other tracks will turn up in other projects. I'm shooting for early Feb, for the remix album... the first one that is... the second one involving MMF era tracks I am setting for sometime after spring. Not entirely sure when the split with Dominic will be released. Sometime in there I'll also be working on the collab with him as well, me doing spoken word over his instrumentals. After that I imagine I'll be starting work on a new album....with a break thrown in prior. Rock and Roll... deal with it!

9-28-13 :……

work in progress...couple of demos...which are Gary Numan covers... not mixed really...and using temporary vocals which will replaced later... just a taste of a Work in Progress... enjoy.

Worst Successes collage f and b covers by MojoBrown

9-22-13: So I added another track up for an early release from my forthcoming album Some of my Best Mistakes, which will be released on Nov. 7th, go out and grab the free download...or stream it for free!

So yeah... I'm Not even finished mixing the forthcoming album, and I've already started on the next Who is the Hardest Working Man in Show Biz... Yeah... zat's right... Me! Word...

Don't wanna say too much 'bout this one here... except that it's gonna be coming out sometime in 2014...early... essentially like replacing the Deluxe version of Best Mistakes, AND that it will be remixes from the last session... I'm taking a chunk of the tracks and completely turning them inside out... you'll recognize them... but you're gonna notice that each one has a brand new flavor... so as always be ready........

Before any of that happen they'll be the FPI mixtape #3 droppin' on Halloween, w/ a special track from me in honor of my favorite Holiday, as well as plenty of others from the label.

Also coming next year a split EP I'll be doing with Dominic H Francisco, which will feature Even more Brand New S.P.

Keep it locked, Keep it Loud, Keep it Shötgun!

9-7-13: Changed the Bandcamp page for "Some of my Best Mistakes" to reflect the Deluxe version because rather than make everyone wait until next year, I am just going to release it on November liue of only releasing the regular length... All 6 previously released songs can be streamed and downloaded for free PLUS I added a new track early.… Grab this track "The Flipside of Satan" as well as the entirety of the Left of Legal single Right Now...for Free Free Free!

Worst Successes Front Cover by MojoBrownSP SFH cover by MojoBrownSP LoL Single Front Cov by MojoBrownSome of my Best Mistakes front by MojoBrown


SP LoL Single Front Cov by MojoBrown…

SP LOL Cover Collage by MojoBrown

So the song count for this session has reached 26, and try as I might... I can't stop coming up with new ones... The album will still be 16 cuts. Some of the over flow will be used for the Split EP I am doing with Dominic Francisco early next year. Some will be tacked on to any post album singles as unreleased tracks, as per the case with Operating Just Left of Legal.… <----- Find said single here.... Free to Download and Stream. SP will also be featured for the third time on the upcoming Fantastic Planet Industries(Best label on Earth!) mix tape...which will drop on Halloween...some of the overflow might also make it on there.  Lastly...after the mixtape, album, and split EP all come out...I'm going to go back and include all the tracks from this session on the Bandcamp page...making "Some of My Best Mistakes" a Deluxe Edition. So every track whether it is used or otherwise will be present, Plus a few Remixes... It's all coming your way from now until possibly as late as next Spring and will be on the FPI label. Be ready!…

Okay've been good to me, so I'll be good to you...

The Operating left of Legal 5 Track single has just dropped One Week Early,… Grab it while it is hot! 2 cuts from the forthcoming Album, PLUS 3 Non Album of which a Gary Numan Cover! As Always it's Free Free Free!!!

8-26-13: Final and Working Cover for the new album...
Coming in November!!!!… <---- Go There for the First single!

Some of my Best Mistakes Front and Back covers by MojoBrown

New Track from the forthcoming album, Some of my Best Mistakes... "Operating Just Left of Legal" Go Here -------->… For FREE Downloading OR Streaming!!!!!!


Some of my Best Mistakes by MojoBrown

Coming in November!


So I currently have 16 new tracks  which are essentially finished. The bulk of the album still needs a final mix, and perhaps some finishing touches on maybe 5 of the tracks.  The FPI mixtape is set for a Halloween release, and the album will come out shortly after.  I am looking at dropping the album sometime in November. My original plan was to release a series of singles, 4 in total, and then release a full length album combining the content of all the single Plus several new tracks. I have since re-thought out that plan. So instead I am just going to jump forward to the entire album. So I am also currently working on both a new title as well as cover art.

Mr Mojo at work... by MojoBrown


Shötgun Piñata is back! Okay so my hiatus with music is over...and I spent the last few days working on my new two new songs are in the works... they're gonna be released in the near future.... the label I record for... Fantastic Planet Industries is putting out their third mixtape/ these 2 songs plus something special I did not release from my last sessions will appear on the mixtape. Basically I am not going to release these on their own until after the sampler drops.... the third song, which is a cover of Gary Numan's M.E. is going to be exclusive to the comp...and will not be released otherwise. I will keep you posted here and at the FB page for further details!

Return of Shotgun Pinata front and back cover by MojoBrown

7-6-13 During my break in music I have started assisting and appearing in videos for my homeboy D's videogame vlog channel. The channel is called Retroality Gaming, and we do Let's Plays, reviews and other stufrf. The videos ideally come out daily...or nearly daily, and I appear several times a week. Check us out, watch some videos, subscribe to the channel...send us requests....etc... you know the drill...go out and dig in...…


2-20-13 Alright... my Twitter site is now off a brother out and follow SP.

2-14-13 Something to mention...which first went public in the EMM interview. Shötgun Piñata now has a second official member, Dominic H. Francisco. He and I have worked together in the past. He also discovered and signed me to his label. We are currently working on new music for an EP and also a concept LP.

2-10-13 I've had a Twitter...mostly for SP purposes for awhile...but I kinda forgot.... if you have one...and you're into it...add me if you want. The more people out there hollering at me, the less likely I will be to forget about it...mostly lately I just use it to talk to porn starlets seriously...

2-9-13 EMM's special mini issue came out today with it's interview with me talking about Shötgun Piñata. Read it here online!… Check it out...check em out. Read the other issues...follow it on FB. Subscribe!

EMM SP cover by MojoBrown

1-26-13 An old friend of mine is starting a Let's Play video channel... Shötgun Piñata provided the theme...due to internet issues his first ep was postponed from today until Tuesday. Be sure and check him out then!…

1-25-13 EMM is featuring SP in next month's issue which will include an interview with me. I'll link you once it hits the webs!

1-5-13… Brand new FPI mixtape just dropped... featuring SP + more! Peep it ..... Play it....grab your own....tell your homies....pass it on! Free Free Free!

1-2-13 Shötgun Piñata made EMM's top 25 electronic music albums of 2012!… Number ten baby! Grab your copy and hear for yourself! Music from the Motion Picture…


12-23-12… lolol

12-20-12 This will be the last chance to get the SP catalogue for free, once it hits the online shops the bandcamp stuff will be set at the minimum default prices to coincide. Grab it now while it is free!…

12-19-12 The electronic indie label Fantastic Planet Industries has signed a deal for global digital distribution with KVZ. All of the bands on the label including SP...will be getting press world-wide through them! What this essentially means is that SP and the rest of the FPI catalog will be available on around 150 online stores. Not to mention over 8k internet and FM radio stations. Plus they do a lot more stuff with podcasts, adverts, and other sorts of promotions. In short... international exposure! In about a week's time the FPI catalog will be turning up on these sites. Check the KVZ partners page for details of the shops

update: Also coming soon: some time around New Years... the second FPI mixtape featuring of course... Shötgun Piñata!


12-15-12 Music From The Motion Picture is Now a 14 Track Bonus Edition(with extra art) Get Yours Free Here! :…

11-17-12 Remixed by Shötgun Piñata & Dominic H. Francisco is now up for free streaming and downloads on the Shötgun Piñata Last.Fm page…

11-14-12 Dominic H. Francisco just released a remix album of 9 of my songs, go here for your free copy!…

11-7-12 A sampler from the latest SP album w/ a video accompaniment

Video footage from the film: Dementia/Daughter Of Horror. (1956) Dementia is a black and white film from 1955. It is a silent film and there is not a single line of dialogue in the entire film, nor are there any storyboards to tell the viewer what is going on. The film was later re-released under the title Daughter of Horror and had the dubious benefit of an added narration. from the public domain.…

Music from:… Shötgun Piñata's album Directors Cut: The BIG Picture! Written, Produced, Arranged, & Performed by Shötgun Piñata.
Recorded @ The Hot Spot for Fantastic Planet Industries. A Mutant Mechanical Frequencies prod. Shötgun Piñata is D Mojo Brown. All sounds by Shötgun Piñata except where noted:

The following tracks contain samples from the Raphael Corderos album "Trumpet Riffs" (Ninja Tunes):

A Complete Lack of Moral Fibre "Feelin' Horny"
Beats for Sally M "Private Parps"
We Can't Relax... Just Yet "Rock Creek Parp"
Looking for the Exit... "Sittin in the Parp"
Things are Now Out of Hand! "Parping Fine"

We Better Get Out of Here! & Things are Now Out of Hand! feature the guitar stylings of Pete Buck from Tolerance for Two!

NOTE the music on this video belongs to me, the video footage itself is from the Public Domain and has been credited properly, thus it is free to use.

11-2-12 redid my last video...…

10-31-12… The new Shötgun Piñata video... the full album set to the B-Movie Phantom Planet!

10-30-12… The new SP Comp is out! Grab your free copy here… and at the Last.FM SP page! Available for streaming or free download!

10-9-12… Brand new Shötgun Piñata mega video. Also can be seen here.… This video is in 3D! and contains 4 songs back to back from the new Album!!!

10-7-12…! (this link might not register properly due to the punctuation at the end :roll:) a collection of previously released materials... both my favorite versions of these songs as well as in my favorite order of listening... here for free streaming and downloading... a more public release will follow later in the year on Bandcamp. Also added this collab…! (this link will probably not work either due to the punctuation at the end...:rage: if you add the ! to the url of will take you to the link, yeah I know...extra work...but I did not code this site.)

10-2-12… The New Album is OUT! ... and also a second new single.… hit the links for your free copies... also on the SP account! Enjoy!!

9-28-12… <--- Go Here for the NEW Shötgun Piñata single... a collab with Tolerance for Two. This is the definitive version here, folks...

9-12-12 Been spending a lot of my downtime really listening to the next album, and I happy to say I am pretty proud of it. Some time after the two singles and the album come out... Early next year I'm going to put a compilation out of my favorite tracks from the latter area of the band's career... so from Sum of It's parts and forward. I've already got he tracks selected and the track order prepared. I'm pretty happy with flows well, and utilizes my favorite mixes of these tracks... After that I'll probably get myself back into my studio to work on new tracks. Still currently without my PC, but I hope to have that sorted before the winter break....fingers crossed, eh?

9-8-12 Added art for the first of two forthcoming singles....… This one is for the joint with Tolerance for Two...dropping somewhere around Halloween. The cover for the second... is here… ...and is due out sometime near Thanksgiving. Still currently without a PC, but luckily all my finished tracks were saved on an well as the art for the singles. This might halt the album itself...which I had planned to put out come the winter break, no later than New Years... time will tell.

9-3-12  Work on the album has to be put on hold... My computer died last night, and since it is not where I work on my music, it's also where I store all my session stuff. Nothing wrong with the hard drive holding this data... but I'm currently using a borrowed laptop... Naturally I can't easily access the data on said hard drive. Hence until I have a working desktop machine, working on music will be near impossible for me.

9-2-12 Worked on some background vocals for a few tracks, and dropped in a bit of the guitar work that Pete from Tolerance for Two did, in our collaborative session in one. Worked on tentative covers for both of the singles that will be released prior to the album. The art for the second of these can be found here.…

8-29-12 Finished up work on an experiment in sound... I can't exactly call it a song, because it isn't exactly music... not sure where this will turn up... nearly 5 minutes of beautifully frightening noise. Long weekend coming up... I should get some more work done on the next album at some point. My friend Mike did some art for me...and I'm going to use it for part of the cover... Keep ya posted on the new songs, as the weekend work on them progresses.

8-28-12 Finished the megatrack for the Shötgun Piñata vs Tolerance for Two project today... just under 6 minutes... to be released as a single sometime prior to the new album. Also in the works a special remix of one of the tracks from the forthcoming album... also as a single...sometime after the previously mentioned single...yet still before the next album. Work for the new album is coming along slowly but surely... things are good!

8-25-12 9 new tracks in the works...a new direction with the music this time around... my last single kind of set this feel to the music in motion. Essentially I am working on a mock Soundtrack... think some Obscure B film from the 80s... and you're headed in the right direction. I'll be working with these tracks through the Autumn, which will hopefully be ready to be released sometime over the Winter break... at the very latest..early next year....

8-22-12 (later) Because Shötgun Piñata is not exactly a touring band...I can either take a break or start working on new music... I guess I'll be doing a bit of both. Once the summer break is over this week, my time for making music will diminish into half, and staying up into the small hours nightly will be over... I started the groundwork for 4 brand new songs...which I'll be working on for the rest of the year...time permitting I should be releasing something new during winter break. I will likely tack the 3 albumless singles on this release as well... they're all similar in form, and I feel they belong together. Possibility, that there could be more new tracks... it's just too early to say. Keep it dialed in...

8-22-12 The Mashup between Dominic H Francisco and Shötgun Piñata is out! Get your free copy here!…

8-21-12 I added the new collab with Tolerance for Two, "Tolerance for Two Meets Shötgun Piñata" to the KAR120C (Where are You?)/Beats for Sally M (Dem Horny Blues mix) Single, which can be found here…
...that's right hidden bonus track! It can also be streamed or downloaded FREE here as a single track,…

8-20-12 (later still) My collab with Dominic H. Francisco… is also finished... so be looking for that in the next few days!

8-20-12 (Later) Worked on a Collab Project with Tolerance for Two… today and came up with a rad experimental track, "Tolerance for Two meets Shötgun Piñata!" Something a little different for both of us. I'm digging how it came together, and hopefully we're gonna try and work on some more stuff in the future! For a sneak listen at the track ...grab it here.…

8-20-12… Brand New single... 2 brand new songs... get it while it is White Hot, baby! That's right... Shötgun Piñata's new single just dropped! Get your free digital copy now!!!

8-18-12 Finished the jacket design for the upcoming single today and uploaded it here!… ...I expect to be done with the single in the next week, to be released soon after. Also using the B side track in a collab with label Fantastic Planet founder Dominic H Francisco (of AstroLust, Sun City Beats & solo) Be looking for that mix sometime in the future...

8-16-12 I'm already hard at work to a follow up single... so expect 2 new tracks from Shötgun Piñata by the end of the month... they're both going along it might be sooner than later!

8-15-12 The Fantastic Planet Industries mix tape just dropped! Get the free download here!… featuring Shötgun Piñata and all the other dope bands on the label.

8-13-12 The Buzz is paying off! Shötgun Piñata is number 143 on the Reverbnation charts for the national Electronic music charts, and for the time being number one in my local area(although that is a bit misleading as I am the only Electronic musician from my area) Thanks to all of those spreading my name around, and sharing my links, much love for the love. Please keep it up! All the help is deeply appreciated. Just finished my followup EP... Yes I know I haven't released the album preceding it yet... but when the muse bites............. 6 Tracks this time round,  nothing too fancy... these are all mixes of tracks  from the album...with vocals added... subtle stuff but effective. In the next week or so the Fantastic Planet Industries mixtape should drop, and then I'll release "Sum of Its Parts..." ...then sometime after that, I'll be putting out the EP, which is gonna be called "Parts..."  I just finished the art work for the parts EP about an hour ago... keep it here for all things Shötgun Piñata! If you haven't done so already please go out and check out the tracks on Facebook, Reverbnation, and last.Fm. Also go on out and "like" the Shötgun Piñata Facebook page, "fan" me on Reverbnation! Much thanks again! :heart:

8-12-12 and speaking of music...Again! Sum of it's Parts Has Dropped! Head here… for your free download! 22 tracks in all, contains Bonus beats, an extra EP, e-insert art for both releases, and an e-booklet, all in one fast download! You can also head over here… to download and/or stream all 3 of my releases in their entirety! Be sure to drop in on my FB fan page and hit that like button While your at it...why not go here, and fan my band and music?…
Just got the confirmation from Fantastic Planet... the mix tape will drop within the next 2 days... I'll throw a head's up when that happens, so be sure to keep it here, and go on out and grab that shit too... the labels got some rad this is gonna be dope! :heart:

Shotgun Pinata Logo by MojoBrown

7-26-12 My newest music project Shötgun Piñata is now being promoted by the independent online label, Fantastic Planet Industries.… Check out the promo video for the first single Here:

Droppin' In... (Tuning Out!) will featured on the upcoming Fantastic Planet Industries mixtape. My new album is completed and will be coming out as soon as the mixtape drops.

To hear a sneak preview sampler of a few of the tracks from the forthcoming album go here:… Four of the 14 all new tracks are available to stream OR Free Download!

Come on out to the Shötgun Piñata facebook page and share the love... hit that Like button:heart:

When the album comes out it will be available in it's entirety for FREE! ... at the link above, as well as my Bandcamp page:…

Added a ReverbNation Page for Shötgun Piñata which has the 4 songs available for download on Last.Fm as well as an extra track!…

So watch the video, and check out the free tracks, share the love, and be ready for the mixtape and album... stay tuned here for all details... when the album is out, you'll hear about it here.

Sum of it's Parts Has Dropped! Head here… for your free download!


ps: My earlier music which was originally recorded as both Mister Mother Fucker & Mutant Mechanical Frequencies, was remastered and reissued for Fantastic Planet Industries, and while it is world's different from the stuff I am doing's still my roots in electronic music.  You can find it here Free…, it can also be found for streaming and free download at the Shötgun Piñata Last.Fm page. There's a lot of free music in this one journal homeboys and girls... Take Advantage, not everyday someone gives you Something for Nothing.... don't get any on ya!

Sp Mftmp by MojoBrown

     Shotgun Pinata Covers by MojoBrown   Shotgun Pinata Covers 2 by MojoBrown   New single Cover by MojoBrown

     New single Cover 2 by MojoBrown    Free MP3s on   SP Cover Art 3 by MojoBrown


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